Stationary Car Wash

Broadway’s Stationary Flex Wrap Car Wash is a single unit that uses large, oversized brushes and a top mitter curtain to envelop all surfaces of the car. 


  • Hydraulic operations for reliability, low maintenance costs, and vehicle-friendly performance
  • Guide rails for vehicle alignment throughout the wash
  • Galvanized steel arm for solid, durable and unsurpassed structural integrity
  • Speed and operational adjustability
  • Oscillating soft cloth mitter curtain provides fast, gentle scrubbing action
  • Washes up to 60 vehicles per hour

Compact, High-Volume Tunnel Car Wash

This system is designed to handle a higher throughput, provide a high-quality car wash and occupy less space. The unit can work as a standalone or as the base component of a wash system that you can build upon. Its fully adjustable equipment has been specifically engineered to provide thorough vehicle cleaning with maximum throughput and long-term durability.

Washes a car every

1 Minute

Can easily wash

400 per day

Average chemical cost

$0.15-$0.20 Per Car

Average cost of maintenance

$0.10 per car

Fully adjustable speed

to meet any need

Accomodate Your Needs

This system has a modular component structure that allows you to fully customize it to your needs. Acting as a perfect base for an optional conveyor system, you can add additional brushes, top curtains, a presoak system and more.

No matter the size of your lot or inventory of vehicles, the Stationary Flex Wrap Car Wash can accommodate your needs. This machine is designed to give complete vehicle coverage in a quick, efficient manner to maximize wash volume.

Enhance Your System

Get the most out of your car wash with these commonly used accessories.

Lower Rocker Panel Brushes

These brushes are a great addition to a drive-thru system or conveyor car wash when washing a high volume is a necessity. These brushes provide extra cleaning on the dirtiest parts of the vehicles and require minimal additional bay length.

Rinse Arch

The Broadway Rinse Arch is made with a solid aluminum frame and all PNC piping and nozzles for a low-maintenance, rust-free arch. The 15-nozzle system is adjustable, dispensing anywhere from three-to-15 gallons per minute and comes with a chemical pump for precise chemical dispensing.

Reverse Osmosis, Spot-Free Rinse System

A spot-free rinse with the Broadway Reverse Osmosis System is a great way to save on labor and produce a perfectly finished car without having to towel dry.

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