Rollover Car Wash

Broadway’s Rollover Car Wash is the market leader in the car wash industry. Our cloth car wash is safe and effective on all vehicle surfaces, including cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans. 


  • Quick and effective cycle time—under two minutes
  • Effective wash with just biodegradable soap and water—no harsh chemicals required
  • Flexible installation, either as a drive-in/back-out or as a drive-thru
  • On-board computer with proactive diagnosis capabilities
  • Sensor integrations for better data and more defined wash cycles
  • Hydraulic operation for durability and adjustments
  • Available modifications to wash vehicles 90”, 102”, and 132” high

With over 40 years of production experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Durable 5-Brush, In-Bay Automatic

Our oscillating, double-mitter top curtain combined with 4 large side brushes provides a fast, gentle cleaning action that thoroughly removes stubborn film, dirt and grime.

Our industry-leading rollover was designed with the car dealer market in mind. That is why four out of five car dealerships choose this type of wash to meet their car wash needs.

Washes a Car Every

90 Seconds

Can Easily Wash

200-250 Per Day

Average Chemical Cost

$0.15-$0.20 Per Car

Average Cost of Maintenance

$0.10 Per Car

Fully Adjustable Speed

to Meet Any Need

Where Consistency and Quality Meet

Broadway’s versatile and adjustable system provides reliable operation, minimum maintenance, and fingertip controls for cloth speed with an extremely high-quality car wash.

Enhance Your System

Get the most out of your car wash with these commonly used accessories.

45 HP Car Dryers

Broadway’s 45 HP Car Dryer features a fixed center distributor fan and two outside oscillating distributors that drive water off the vehicle. The aluminum fans reach optimal operating speeds almost immediately, resulting in fast action and better results.

Reverse Osmosis, Spot-Free Rinse System

A spot-free rinse with the Broadway Reverse Osmosis System is a great way to save on labor while producing a perfectly finished car without having to towel dry.

Water Reclaim Systems

Broadway’s Hydro 25 and 70 Water Recycling Systems are highly versatile units that accommodate both large demands as well as smaller needs. They’re adaptable for above-ground or below-ground tanks. They’re also easy to maintain systems and offer a cost-effective method for using recycled water.

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