Conveyor Car Wash

Broadway’s Conveyor Car Wash will be the most robust and dependable piece of equipment in your dealership’s service department while remaining cost-efficient and effective at only pennies per car wash.


  • The latest direct-drive gearbox technology with oversized hydraulic motor propulsion
  • Large air drive, take-up chain tension cylinder for automatic chain pressure adjustments
  • Reversible hydraulic system for a quick solution should a problem arise
  • Industry high-grade 458 chain for ease of operation and serviceability
  • Hardened UHMW polymer outside rail for rim-friendly protection
  • Dolly, on-demand operation system for better wash process development
  • Customizable system to fit your needs—choose from front-wheel pull or rear-wheel push

Ultimate High-Volume Car Wash Tunnel System

Broadway Equipment’s history began with conveyor systems back in 1965. Over the past 55 years, we’ve learned that the key to a great conveyor is durability, easy adjustability and open access points for serviceability. This system can easily wash over 600 cars per day.

Washes a car every

2 Minutes

(But 4 Washes at a Time!)
Can easily wash

400-800 cars per day

Average chemical cost

$0.45-$0.65 Per Car

Average cost of maintenance

$0.15-$0.20 per car

Fully adjustable speed

to meet any need

Traditional Craftsmanship and a Simplistic Design

With high-grade componentry for longer wear and easy service, its specifically engineered structural durability makes this the best choice for high-volume car washing. From our direct-drive gear system to our removable top-deck channel, Broadway’s Conveyor Car Wash System is designed to run for years, handling almost any volume.

Enhance Your System

Get the most out of your car wash with these commonly used accessories.

45 HP Car Dryers

Broadway’s 45 HP Car Dryer features a fixed center distributor fan and two outside oscillating distributors that drive water off the vehicle. The aluminum fans reach optimal operating speeds almost immediately, resulting in fast action and better results.

Reverse Osmosis, Spot-Free Rinse System

A spot-free rinse with the Broadway Reverse Osmosis System is a great way to save on labor and produce a perfectly finished car without having to towel dry.

Entry Systems

Broadway’s various entry systems are ideal for providing control and accountability over access to the car wash. We offer three options to meet any need: code entry, washtrack card entry or RFID entry.

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Whether you’re looking to replace equipment or automate your hand-washing operations, we can help find a solution that’s best for your dealership.