Car Wash Equipment

At Broadway Equipment, we have a team of car wash specialists that have production, design, and practical application experience of car wash equipment and operations. We’re large enough to accommodate all your needs and small enough to personally get involved in every project.

Rollover Car Wash

Every company has a product they’ve invested time into perfecting and hold as their flagship product. For Broadway, that product is our rollover car wash. We’ve designed this style specifically for the dealership market, making it the most commonly chosen style by car dealers.

Stationary Car Wash

When you prefer to control the speed of the cycle for a quick wash in a smaller space

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Conveyor Car Wash

For when you need a high-volume car wash that can be adapted to handle many different wash processes

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Touch Free Car Wash

Uses the perfect balance of high-pressure water and chemicals for a great frictionless clean

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Automatic Car Polisher

For when you’re looking to improve CSI scores and build customer retention

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Whether you’re looking to replace equipment or automate your current hand-washing operations, we can help find a solution that’s best for your dealership.