The 6 Commercial Car Wash Accessories Every Dealership Needs

The 6 Commercial Car Wash Accessories Every Dealership Needs


You probably already know that returning a clean car can make or break a customer’s opinion of your dealership, and you also know the importance of customer satisfaction on your dealership’s CSI score. But did you know that a car wash doesn’t consist of ONLY a car wash? There are many car wash accessories that help deliver a reliably clean and spotless car every time. Let’s take some time to cover the most common and necessary accessories without which no car wash is complete. Let’s get right to it!

Spot-Free Rinse System

A spot-free rinse system helps deliver a perfect rinse to complete a well finished wash. It’s accomplished by removing any natural impurities from the water before it’s used to rinse a car. This ensures that when the car goes through the dryers, any remaining water leaves no impurities left behind that can cause ugly water spots to appear on the car’s surface. Spot-free rinse systems purify the water typically in one of two ways:

Reverse osmosis with or without Sodium Chloride (RO): With reverse osmosis, water is put under pressure to reverse its flow, thereby forcing it to pass through a membrane and carbon filters that remove chemicals, bacteria, and minerals.

Water Reclaim System

A water reclaim system is also known as a water recycling system. The purpose of this equipment is to take used water from tanks, clean it, and resupply the car wash with water. Depending on how thoroughly the recycling system is set up to clean the water, it can provide a range of purified water. These systems can be designed as part of a closed-loop water usage system, which almost eliminates your need for municipal water and sewer systems. This is especially important in drier climates and these times of environmental concerns.


Car Wash Dryers

A washed car naturally has to be dried, but the goal is to provide that in the most time-efficient, and cost-effective method. There are two ways to accomplish this – hand-drying, or automatic car wash dryers. If you’re looking for efficiency, automatic car wash dryers are the way to go. The automatic dryers come in various configurations and sizes. Most dryers also have the option of additions such as variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, which lead to less electricity usage. And noise suppression systems which can make them suitable in any area, no matter the local noise ordinances in place. Broadway Equipment’s team can help set you up with the perfect system no matter your situation.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

3-phase electric motors provide the most power and durability for operations. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) panel controls the electrical usage there by providing money-saving tools used mostly by large motor systems such as car wash dryers. Much in the same way as “flooring it” in your car results in lower gas mileage compared to more even acceleration, a variable frequency drive system eliminates electric demand surges during the start-up phase of a dryer by balancing the demand over a longer period of time, resulting in energy savings.


High-Pressure Side Blasters

The high-pressure side blasters focus on the dirtiest parts of a vehicle. The side blasters use high pressure water to remove mud, road film, and stubborn dirt from the lower portion of the vehicle. High-pressure side blasters are also a great way to remove baked-on brake dust off of delicate and expensive wheels. It is a much more effective tool than the old mechanical tire brushes, which can be inconsistent, and require ongoing calibration. High-pressure side blasters are an additional tool in a carwash’s toolbelt that will allow you to achieve the best clean possible.


There are many other accessories that can be installed to make your dealership’s car wash as effective and efficient as possible. No matter which accessories you choose, Broadway’s team of experts can make sure you get the most out of your car wash. Contact our team today to see how we can help your dealership get the perfect car wash solution for you and your business!